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American Diabetes Association

Now There�s an Easy Solution for Getting the Medications and
Supplies that You Need for Diabetes and other Chronic Illnesses. Specializing in Insulin Pumps & Supplies, Glucose Monitors &
Supplies, and all Prescription Medications.

A Website and a weekly e-newsletter for Medical Professionals in Diabetes Care.  Interesting articles even for non Professionals.

Diabetes Self-Management Magazine

Dr. Bernstein's website
Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution - Normal Blood Sugars for Diabetics - Books


Rick Mendosa's web site
Lots of interesting articles and links to all diabetes websites

Diabetes Health Magazine

The Diabetes Mall
From John Walsh - author of the famous books "Pumping Insulin" and Stop the Rollercoaster"

A Diabetes Website "Information, education and support for people with diabetes."

dLife is a multimedia outlet dedicated to people living with diabetes and their families, providing support and information about diabetes.


Israeli diabetes society

Ma_Talk -Diabetes site in hebrew

Novo Nordisk


A Hebrew Handbook for Patients with Diabetes and
their Families

A Hebrew online book for children on insulin pumps

JDRF - Hebrew


Animas Corporation - the best in Insulin Pump Therapy

Insulin Pumpers
Over 3,000 members and still growing. This site contains a wealth of information for anyone interested in pumping. It is
a great place to learn about, or relearn, pumping. This is
where we had our best education about the fundamentals of pumping.


Medtronic MiniMed

The Deltec Cozmo pump

Roche (Disetronic) Maker of the ACCU-CHEK Spirit, H-TRONplus and D-TRONplus

Pump Wear providing fun creative ways for children and
adults to wear the insulin pump

Unique Accessories Shop for pump accessories

PumpPack fun, fashionable insulin PumpPacks for children and adults

Children With Diabetes Collection of information on pumps

Insulin Dosing Chart, wallet sized, customized for your target blood glucose and Insulin Sensitivity. NO MORE MATH!

Recipes, diet, scales, and Carb counting
A large food database, includes information on fast foods
and food additives, and provides some useful tools for
analyzing your diet.


Now You're Cooking
Figures nutrition facts for recipes, keeps track of food intake

A good pocket scale to help you Count Carbs
(The Tanita 1475T weighs in 1 gram increments - up to 1200 grams.)
Click here:

Search the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard

Type in your ingredients and get nutritional information
Only $5

Calorie King

"Recipe Calc"
A sherwere version can be downloaded

For the palm handheld computer
They have a few "food values" databases to download


Download books, and card game for children with

Children With Diabetes
children with DIABETES on-line COMMUNITY

A good card game for children with Diabetes to learn carb counting

Type 1 Tools
Offering a fresh approach to diabetes education and lifestyle management, these learning tools simplify day-to-day tasks
and build long-term knowledge and confidence.

Diabetes tools on the web

The Insulin Wizard
Estimates your insulin sensitivity.
How much...
                  long acting (or basal) insulin you need a day.
                  insulin to take to cover carbs.
                  insulin to take for high blood sugars.

Basal Rate Estimator
A tool which provides an estimate of possible changes to blood sugar levels when insulin-pump basal rates are changed.

HBA1C to mg/dL Conversion Chart

A tool to convert whole blood values to plasma, and vice versa.

To convert to and from mg/dL and mmo/L, with
reference to both plasma and whole blood

In case your pump malfunctions...

Bolus "cheat sheets"  Lets pumpers create/print
personalized compact bolus tables (cheat-sheets) to help
figure out bolus amounts.
Click here:

Injecting Insulin
Animated demonstrations on how to draw, mix and inject

Downloadable educational literature

Extensive list of patient education brochure downloads for people who take insulin.

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