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Free nutrition database
USDA Launches Comprehensive Nutrition Software for PDAs

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FWD will be conducting a 'review' on some of the popular and sophisticated diabetes management software products for the PDA user.  Stay tuned!


From Animas Corp.
A comprehensive software package that assists patients and their healthcare team with diabetes management.  Allows users to quickly calculate their carbohydrate intake (based on a list of consumed foods), record numerous logs, and calculate corrective recommendations based on user�s input.  The PC application offers expanded functions, such as, storing longer-term records, trending, charting, entering data, viewing data, printing and distributing data over the internet.


Logbook DM allows you to easily log blood glucose levels, carbohydrate intake, insulin, lows,exercise, ketones, and other notes. Unlike other logbook programs for the Palm OS, LogbookDM has single screen entry and insulin bolus calculation. The key feature of this program is it's ease of use. If you can test your blood sugar in 15 seconds, logging the result as well as calculating insulin should be quicker!


 is a powerful glucose tracking program. It combines all of the little note books with a convenient, easy-to-use interface.  Features: Many exporting, charting, and printing capabilities, looks up an address in the Palm Address book, color support, track A1C Results, desktop companion.

Free Style Tracker

Combines a blood glucose meter (World's smallest blood sample), diabetes manager, and personal digital assistant (PDA) all in one compact device.  Displays data in various formats to enable easier understanding and management.  Provides easy access to a 2,500 item Food List with serving sizes and carbohydrate values.  Features alarms to remind you about regular appointments and daily activities.

Blood Glucose Log 1.0

BGL 2001 is a utility for insulin-dependant diabetics. It takes the place of your log book, and is fully customizable. You can record your blood glucose (in mg/dL or mmol/L), amounts of insulin taken at the time*, reason for test*, amount of carbohydrates eaten and comments about the test. There is also a long term display, which will show you the date, time, BG level, and insulin doses.


 blood glucose tracking shareware for type II diabetes.  It uses the Palm PDA to easily capture your readings and a companion Windows program to analyze and print them.

Insulin +

Insulin is an application that helps a user to keep track of his/her diabetes problem. User can enter BG level, insulin regular, insulin long on daily basis and can then calculate his needs in terms of calorie intake. Basically, targeted for diabetes patients, this application tries to give all facilities to the user like graphical display of records, report generation through printer, calculation of calorie needed and in-time suggestion besides mailing.

HealthEngage Diabetes 3.0.1

 with Desktop companion
Records blood glucose, food intake, insulin, medications, daily activities and exercises.  Over 650 activities are pre-calculated for their calorie burn rates.  Add your own foods or use over 6,700 foods from the USDA database.  Set up custom notifications for such things as supplies reorder, doctor appointment, or any other alert.  Generate colorful graphs easy to read, at-a-glance reports.

Diabetes Pilot

Records blood sugar measurements, meals and foods as a total or in detail, insulin and medicine intake, Features an integrated food database that shows the carbohydrate content of over 4,000 foods. Estimates insulin requirements based on the carbohydrate content of meals, Helps you see trends in your blood sugars over time, Presents information in a way that is fast and easy to record and review, Allows you to transfer your data to common desktop programs for further analysis and communication with your doctor, A portion of the proceeds will be donated to promote diabetes research.

Gloco Trak 3.0

Track your blood sugar, insulin or other medicine, food eaten, what you were doing at which times, and glucose level. There is an option to LIST entries by date or search. Two free utilities included. The first allows you to transfer data to/from your PC. The second allows you to print reports from Windows. You can print a report for your doctor

Gluco-Pilot 1.6

GlucoPilot is a diabetes management application for Palm Computing platform devices. GlucoPilot increases your diabetic control by tracking your blood sugars, insulin, and carbohydrate intake. GlucoPilot allows you to filter and categorize your blood sugar records and compile reports, charts, and graphs.


 and GlucoMonitor+ 2.1
This software consists of two (2) apps designed to help diabetics with their blood sugar control and monitoring. The first app GlucoDiet is designed to help monitor food intake and how it affects you blood-sugar count. The second is designed to keep a log of your daily blood sugar tests.

GlucoMonitor 1.1

Track your blood sugar readings with this simple application. I developed it because: 1)I suffer from diabetes. 2)I got tired of writing in log books. 3)After all I carry my PDA with me everywhere. 4)I didn't want to pay for somebody else's program (and neither should you)!

Glucose Diary 1.4b

A password protected patient diary for Glucose, Insulin, Pulse, and BP. Exports a CSV file to MemoPad for reporting at the moment. Read the short doc file for more info. As a side note, this is the first software I've written since suffering a stroke (part of my therapy) so any errors should be reported to me @ [email protected] (remove the dot NOSPAM, of course).

Diabetes Log

 intenerates with Diet diary from Calorie King.
Easily record BG, food, exercise, notes and meds with simply finger tip entry.  Warnings and color coded entries show you when your blood glucose levels are outside your target range.  Connects to the Handheld Diet Diary to download your recorded meal information using it's 20,000 food database.  Built in diabetes library.  Calculates required insulin for a particular BG or carbohydrate intake.  Advanced filtering makes reviewing data and finding trends simple.  Categorize entries according to meal times and mood.

Pumpers This application for the users of an Insulin Pump. This calculator will calculate your insulin bolus dose needed to bring your Blood Glucose
Level back to your target level using the Correction Factor given to you by your Pump Educator. Pumpers will also calculate a meal carbohydrate bolus. Just input the numbers and you are ready to go. Includes a Log Book feature and is exportable to the PDA memo pad for printing after hotsyncing.  With easy to follow buttons you can save, delete, and review your records.
GlucoLog Allows you to quickly record blood sugars, insulin dosage, and accompanying notes, accurately calculates your glucose average for times (events) that you specify. You can easily view averages for breakfast, lunch, etc.  Also, you can print a report to present to your doctor, which lists times, dates, events, blood sugars, etc.
My Blood Glucose Log 1.8.2 This program allows you to easily record your blood glucose values from your self-test kit. Along with each entry, you can record the date/time the event occurred, such as Pre-meal, exercise etc, as well as any insulin you may have taken. View the results More
Glucose log 01 This application will allow you to keep track of your blood glucose levels and medication administration. It will also alarm to a preset time to remind you of a BGL level or med administration. Database will let you view all entries or just med or BGL entr More
Glucose Log Book 1.0 Glucose Log Book is a HanDbase applet that replaces your paper Log book. You can add test results quickly, and use popups to denote things like "fasting" or "after big meal". The popups are user-editable. THe fields are date, time, Glucose Log Book com More


Balance log BalanceLog� by HealtheTech allows you to quickly and easily establish a personalized nutrition and weight management program. Running on PCs and Palm OS� devices, BalanceLog� provides the information you need to personalize your program and achieve better results. And with a database of more than 4,000 foods and 300 exercises, BalanceLog� makes logging and tracking food and exercise fast and easy.   Track calories, nutrients, and exercise against your nutrition and weight management goals. It takes just a few minutes a day to log your food and exercise to better manage your nutrition, fitness, and weight.
COMPUTER PLANNED NUTRITION Food database of over 7,000 foods including many fast foods.  Food and meal nutrient content (carbohydrate, fat, calories and seven other nutrients) for use in food selection.  Plan menus for a week with up to three meals and three snacks per day.  Enter medication, exercise and weight data.  Events Log displays meal nutrient content, medication, exercise and weight data in a variety of formats
CarbCheck 1.1 A FREE carbo-fat-protein database for palm organizers - Updated to include fast food restaurant list and new features!
Cooking for Diabetics Use Cook'n to count calories, carbohydrates, and fats of any recipe or menu; even the ones you add.
Diet Diary From
Free food databases 5 different databases of Food Values - Fat grams, calories, carbs, all the other important values.
Health Counter 2.0 Track your daily calorie, fat, carbohydrate, or other intake. Stores date and accumulated amount. Great for diabetic or weight loss diets. over 900 food data, pull-down menu with what type is to be counted (calorie, fat, etc.), comes with two free utilities. The first allows you to transfer data to/from your PC. The second allows you to view/print reports in Windows. Packaged with food database.


Clinical Endocrinology 3.5 This is a complete endocrine text with detailed info on how to treat Diabetes, Lipid disorders, Obesity, Thyroid, Hirsutism, Gynecomastia, Adrenal, parathyroid, pituitary etc. It has been edited by a world renowned Endocrinologist. This text is very extensive, it covers a vast amount of information
Diabetes in Pregnancy This short DOC file reviews the diagnostic criteria for diabetes in pregnancy, and defines the White's Classification.
Universal Tracking System (UTS)

Keeps track of any measurable values: weight, calories, blood pressure, blood sugar, medicine usage, money, time, etc.  Free trial available.

Diabetes in Primary Care 2003 1.2 An essential tool for primary care providers. It provides quick and easy access to the latest diabetes guidelines (2003) in a most logical format, integrated with the latest in therapy. Topics include: prevention, screeni More
Insulin Resistance Calculator. 1.0 Type 2 diabetes primarily develops from pathogenic defects in the mechanisms of insulin secretion and hepatic and peripheral insulin action. The consequent disruption of normal glucose metabolism involves a number of organ systems and is ultimately manifes More
Diabetes ADA 2002 Diagnosis Guides 1.01 NOTE - NOT AFFILIATED OR RELEASED BY THE American Diabetic Association * Are you ever in clinic and people want to know the testing criteria for kids, pregnant m More

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