Printed In �Yated  Ne�eman�, 29 Elul 5763 - Sep. 26 �03 in "Health bits" section

"Going ForWarD" Publishes special Rosh Hashana guide for Diabetics

"Going ForWarD"- Tishrei 5764; the just-released publication by Friends With Diabetes that every Jew with diabetes will want to own. It's not just a book, it's a lucid, comprehensive, all-inclusive guide for the Jewish diabetic.

Some highlights of this issue: The carbohydrate contents of traditional Rosh Hashanah simanim; the tricky ifs, whys, and hows of fasting (or not fasting) on Yom Kippur; how to get Shabbos blood sugars under control... Plus: an amazingly easy method for figuring carbohydrate values without complicated mathematics, and how twenty-first century technology can make tracking blood sugars easier.

It's all in here- unbelievably detailed, exhaustively researched, completely updated, and beautifully presented. Informative, enlightening, inspirational, and enjoyable!

Part of a series, the Tishrei publication represents just one facet of FWD's many activities. They also provide much-needed support and education in one-on-one settings as well as larger forums such as Shabbosim, meetings, and support groups. The demand for these services is unfortunatly large, yet FWD's message is heartening: As long as there's diabetes, there are Friends With Diabetes!

For more information, contact Rabbi Hirsch Meisels at (845) 352-7532, or email [email protected].