Printed In �Yated  Ne�eman�, 14 Nisan 5763 - Apr. 16 �03 in "Health bits" section

Friends With Diabetes Publishing Vital information for Pesach

People with diabetes, who learn to properly manage their condition, and eat a balanced diet, can lead a normal life. Thanks to a wonderful organization called Friends with Diabetes, the task of managing one's condition has become easier than ever.

FWD has compiled a wonderful Pesach handbook especially for diabetics, detailing how to manage the sedorim, the exact shiurim of matza, and how much carbohydrates the staple contains. The issue of Arba Kosos and glucose management is also discussed at length, including recommended wines and eating patterns. The publication also contains diabetes-friendly recipes and many helpful tips. The publication is being distributed in many shuls and supermarkets, and can be mailed upon request by calling 845-352-7532.

The renowned Pesach ex
pert Rabbi Avrohom Blumenkrantz, writes in his annual Pesach digest, "The following information was taken from Going ForWarD (Friends With Diabetes, a very important magazine for diabetics,) Edited by Rabbi Hirsch Meisels shlit"a.  The magazine appears 3 to 4 times a year and is a must for any diabetic person to read."