Printed In Yated, Nissan 5762 - March 2002 in "Health Bits" section


I recently received a wonderful, frum magazine in the mail, entitled "Going ForWarD: Friends with Diabetes." The magazine is written and produced by Rabbi Hirsh Meisels, the dedicated director of "Rayim Mesukim; Friends with Diabetes," a non- profit support group for people with diabetes.

The magazine was professional, eye-catching, and chockfull of informative and timely articles. It dealt with managing one's diet during the Yomim Tovim, special halachos regarding Pesach, and general 'chizuk' articles for people belonging to this special group. Rabbi Meisels also organizes Shabbatons and get-togethers for children with diabetes, arranging for informative workshops and inspiring guest speakers.

I truly admire Rabbi and Mrs. Meisels, who invest so much time and koach into this special mission, making the world sweeter for diabetics. May the Ribbono Shel Olam give them the strength to continue helping so many. For more information about Friends with Diabetes, call Rabbi Meisels at 845.352.7532.