Endorsements for our Winter issue

Letter of Endorsement from Rabbi Pinchos Jung


Dear Rabbi Meisels

Please allow me to share my enthusiasm for FWD with all your readers.

Although hardly familiar with the problems you are addressing daily, nevertheless common sense tells me that anyone with a condition of that order will feel both isolated and stigmatized.  Neither of those feelings are very pleasantů

Enter Rabbi & Reb. Meisels, and suddenly everything changes.  You now belong to a growing, active, exclusive club.  You are invited to social and educational events in a warm, informal atmosphere.  You regularly receive attractive, professionally presented magazine in three languages, packed with articles, letters, halachos, stories, tips, charts, news and events.

It's not long till you ask yourself, "One minute, what isolation? What stigma?"

On the contrary, you have just made meaningful friendships with others coping with situations similar to your own.  You compare notes and share experiences, you chat and laugh together.  Quite unexpectedly you have endless resources available and all the latest developments at your fingertips.

You now look forward to phone calls, letters, simchas, a rich social life with a unique spiritual, Chassidic flavor.

My own involvement is very limited but, even so, significant.  Family Meisels love to arrange a special Shabbos event for their clients who they see as their extended family.  On two occasions I had the pleasure to address groups of girls at a Shabbos meal.  These were really inteligent, accomplished, heimishe young ladies, keen to soak in every idea one would share with them.  It was really stimulating to present Torah insights to these delightful groups, relating, where possible, to their predicament.  Their reactions and responses showed maturity and realism and I must say I was impressed.  The participants invariably walk away from such weekends as changed people with a far brighter view of the future.  They enjoy every activity, the davening, the meals, the Torah thoughts, the practical advice, the games, the singing.  To sum up, it's little short of a miraculous revival.  All credit goes to the Meisels!

Whishing you every possible Hatzlochoh.

Rabbi Pinchos Jung

Dean, Bais Rochel High School for Girls, Monsey, NY


Letter of Endorsement from Michael Robinton

Dear Rabbi Meisels;

I have had the opportunity to read your newsletter, "Going Forward" (Friends with Diabetes), and would like to thank you for providing such an excellent publication to the diabetes community. The guidance you provide in halachic matters for those with diabetes is valuable beyond words. I am impressed by the amount of useful information you condensed into your newsletter as well as the extensive library of information available on your web site.

Your work is very valuable and I am sure it is appreciated by all in the diabetes community.

My very best regards,

Michael Robinton
Executive Director
Insulin Pumpers
[email protected]


Letter of Endorsement from D. Jakalow, C.D.E.

"You don't have to be powerless in the face of diabetes."  People with diabetes need to take control of their lives.  Diabetes cannot be cured as of yet, but it CAN be controlled with healthy eating, planned activity, and insulin/medication.  This newsletter is an excellent tool.  The more we know about diabetes, the more empowered people with diabetes become.  Thank you Rabbi Meisels!

Debra Jakalow, M.S., R.D., R.N., C.D.E.

Endocrine Associates of Rockland

Pomona, NY  10970