Endorsements for our Tihsrei issue

Letter of Endorsement from Dr. Don Zwickler

"It is a unique blessing that our community has a great man who has the wisdom and compassion to compose a Yom Kippur "how to" newsletter for diabetics. Rabbi Hirsch Meisels, a special individual, has taken his precious time and valuable experience as a diabetic himself, to develop an excellent guide for the management of diabetes on Yom Kippur.

I have reviewed his article and found it to be full of useful advice and lifesaving techniques for handling Yom Kippur, especially for those diabetics who would like to fast. His keen sense reminds the reader that no action should be taken without consulting a personal physician. Rabbi Meisels should be zocheh to many blessings for his effort."

Don Zwickler, M.D.

Letter of Endorsement from Dr. Henry Anhalt

"Shalom Uvracha. I am pleased to offer my support for this very important work put together by Rabbi Meisels. Clearly, for a person with diabetes, fasting is no simple issue, medically or halachically. This newsletter lays the foundation for doctors and poskim to approach our fast days with even greater clarity than existed before.

Of exceptional note is the fact that Rabbi Meisels stresses that fasting for a person with diabetes is not an automatic yes and one must be sure to receive appropriate medical and halachic dispensation in order to do so. Yasher Koach to Rabbi Meisels and best wishes for all!"

Dr. Henry Anhalt