Endorsements for our Pesach issue

Letter of Endorsement from Dr. Don Zwickler


Dear Members;

Once again I have been given the special opportunity to review the Pesach diabetes issue compiled by Rabbi Hirsch Meisels. This unique compendium of the relevant topics of Hilchos Pesach for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics is laudable for its scholarship and practical applications.

The Bais Halevy teaches us that the reason Klal Yisroel said na'aseh v'nishmah (WE will do and WE will hear) by Mount Sinai, and not e'eseh v'eshmah (I will do and I will hear) in the singular, is because the Jewish people voluntarily took responsibility not only for their own adherence to torah laws and values, but also for their fellow Jew. Rabbi Hirsch Meisels is a role model for this precept of unselfish concern for others, as is exhibited in his tireless efforts on behalf of Jews with diabetes. He is a true FRIEND of diabetics.

Don Zwickler, M.D.

Letter of Endorsement from Rabbi Y. P. Bodner,
author of "Halachos of K'zayis" for our Pesach Halacha section

I am very pleased to convey my recognition of the exceptionally fine work of Rabbi Meisels, shlit"o in his newsletter to diabetics regarding the shiurim needed to perform the mitzvohs of Pesach. Rabbi Meisels put a tremendous amount of effort into this production, and that effort is visible in the finished product. His shiurim, in my opinion, are quite accurate, and may be relied on with confidence.

May he merit continued success in being mezakeh the rabim and spreading kvod shomayim.

Yisroel P. Bodner