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Our email discussion group is designed for Jewish people dealing with diabetes. It is a forum for raising the unique issues that Jewish diabetics face on a daily basis. The "Friends With Diabetes" e-mailing list offers support and assistance in combining a Torah lifestyle with diabetes.

How does the emailing list work? You "subscribe", and immediately start getting regular mailings, which include the messages posted by other participants. To jump into a conversation, you simply respond to a message, and your reply is then distributed to everybody else on the list, after our moderators have approved it.

A mailing list is a place where you can interact with other people of similar interests, and share any question or experiences you have. Even your emotions can be discussed openly (but still anonymously, if your email address does not reveal your name). Finding new cyber friends is a side benefit of this list.

Among those subscribed to our list are various medical professionals, so you can benefit from their knowledge and receive some medical viewpoints when needed.

The topics on our diabetes list are wide-ranging. Some participants talk about solutions for combining diabetes treatment with a kosher lifestyle; others offer advice about medications or diets. Some topics discussed: How many carbohydrates are there in a K'zayis challah? How can one remain motivated towards a steady exercise program? Another conversation thread focused on the nutritional content of cholent, the long-cooking stew traditionally served on Shabbos.

Some participants forward news stories about medical advances or new trends in diabetes technology; one offers a collection of web links in English and Hebrew dealing with diabetes. There's tons of useful information here, and lots of support for people with this condition. The format is practical and straightforward.

Only subscribed members can read or post messages on the "Friends With Diabetes" e-mailing list. There are two ways to subscribe; either via the web, at (follow the instructions to subscribe), or by simply sending an email message to [email protected]. Once you are subscribed, you can send messages to [email protected].

If you don't want to clutter up your incoming email box you may subscribe to receive a daily digest version of all messages posted that day. (Please note: when you reply to a digest email, remember to change the subject line.)

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Are you a low-carber, or a POTENTIAL low-carber? Our Kosher Low Carb email discussion group offers recipes, tips and friendly support for Jewish people on the Kosher low carb diet, diabetic or non-diabetic. Many kosher recipes and tips are shared and posted by our members on this list. To subscribe, go to or send an email to [email protected]. The email address to send messages to the group is [email protected].

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For an index of recipes that have been posted on our list, open the file (MS Word format). (This file is updated from time to time to include newly posted recipes.)