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Friends With Diabetes

Kosher Low-Carb

Jewish Insulin Pumpers

Our mission is ...

  • To offer quality education about controlling diabetes and incorporating it into the Jewish tradition and lifestyle.
  • To actively demonstrate how simple it is to live a normal, healthy life with diabetes.
  • To spread awareness on the prevention of the epidemic of insulin resistance and type II diabetes.
  • To help clarify Halachos (Torah laws) involved in diabetes care.
  • To offer support with the day-to-day issues of living with diabetes.
  • To pair up partners and Friends With Diabetes.
  • To inform the community about updated innovations and diabetes technology.

For more details on how we attempt to accomplish this, click on services.

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F.W.D. is under the rabbinical supervision of Rabbi M. M. Weismandl shlit"a of Nitra - Monsey.  Endorsed by many other leading Rabbonim.
The information on this website is meant to be used in conjunction with, and under the guidance of, your health care professional. It is NOT meant to diagnose or treat medical conditions, nor as advice or prescriptions.  It is provided for educational purposes only.  In the event that you use the information without your doctor's approval, you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right, but F.W.D. assumes no responsibility.  We strongly advise that you inform your doctor of any changes you wish to make.
Please consult your physician for medical questions, and your Rav (Rabbi) for halachic (Jewish law) decisions.